About Us / Our Story

Co-founders Omar Seville and Mario Seville

Cool Sippings coffee offers a subscription model that allows coffee lovers to buy or subscribe to 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and or other top quality Arabica coffee. Our customers are able to get their favourite coffee freshly roasted and delivered right to their homes when needed. 
The inspiration for the name Cool Sippings Coffee came from the very popular and inspirational Disney produced film, Cool Runnings, that told the story of the Jamaican bobsled teams' journey and performance in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. During their first Winter Olympic Games in Calgary Alberta, the team gained fame as they were seen as underdogs with very little experience, representing the tropical island of Jamaica in a winter sport.
As Jamaicans now living in Calgary, we are not only proud of the Jamaica bobsled team, reggae music, culture and our famous track and field sprinters but also our world renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. We wanted a name that embodied the exquisite and authentic taste of our island's coffee and the cool fun relaxed vibes of the Jamaican people and we believe that the name "Cool Sippings" does just that.
With every sip of our coffee you will experience a bit of paradise as you taste its fruitiness, smell its wonderful aroma and feel its irieness. Our bobsled team brought the "cool" passion of the Jamaican culture to Calgary during the Winter Olympics and now we want to showcase the best Jamaican Coffee to Calgarians and to the rest of the world with Cool Sippings Coffee.

When we were younger picking and sorting coffee in Jamaica, Blue Mountain.

Our interest and exposure in the coffee business began at a very young age while living in Jamaica. Our dad grew and harvested coffee on a small farm in the blue mountains of Irish Town, where we learned about the value and quality of the Blue Mountain coffee. On weekends we would help to reap the coffee and then sell it to the Mavis Bank Coffee factory. As a family we occasionally dried our own coffee in the sun and would then grind it to make our own homemade coffee. This interest has lead us to where we are today. We are now able to source and offer to coffee lovers, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and some of the finest Arabica beans from Latin America and Africa.
Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the best in the world, but it is also very scarce. Our goal is to bring this rich, fruity tasting coffee to the masses at an affordable cost without compromising its quality. Cool Sippings Coffee is available through our regular online shop and through our subscription service our members benefit from even more promotions and savings while having the convenience of freshly roasted coffee being delivered right to their doorsteps on a periodic basis.

Sip ... Savour ... and have an Irie Day!

We Are Proud to have sponsored the Jamaica Bobsled Team!!

"For every sale of our "Feel the Rush" coffee, a special edition of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, we donated a portion of the proceeds to the Jamaica Bobsled Team towards their journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics".